Angular Setup

When you want to setup the Angular then firstly check Nodejs should be installed. if it is not installed then install firstly through below command.


Note:- If you have already installed Nodejs then directly move to Step2.

1) sudo apt-get install curl
2) curl -sL | sudo -E bash –

Now, Install Nodejs

3) sudo apt-get install nodejs

After installed Nodejs, check the version

node -v
npm -v


Now, you will install Angular through the angular/CLI command.

npm install -g @angular/CLI

after installed, check the version

ng --version

Now,start to create the project


ng new projectName

Example:- I am creating EmployeeManagement Project

ng new EmployeeManagement

Now, goto the EmployeeManagement directory

cd EmployeeManagement

run the command

ng serve --open

After compiled successfully, you can see the URL.