Javascript String

String can be enclosed in Single Quotes like ‘john’ or Double Quotes like “john” or backtics (which came into ES6) like `john`.

var first_name ='John';
var last_name="Taylor";
var email=``;

Note:- backtics is basically used to combined variable value and strings.

Example:- Now you add first_name and last_name along with Hello string.

var full_name=`Hello ${first_name} ${last_name}`;
console.log(full_name);  // Output:- John Taylor

Create a String:-

1) String():- You can create string through String function.

var age=35;
var age_string=String(age);  
console.log(age_string);  // Output:- "35"

var bool =true;
var bool_string=String(bool) // Output:- "true"

2) toString():- toString() is used to convert data into string.

var age =35;
var age_string=age.toString(); // Output "35";

var bool =true;
var bool_string=bool.toString() // Output:- "true"

3) creating a String Object through new keyword and it behaves like Object

var string_object = new String("John");
console.log(typeof string_object); //output:- "object" 

Concat two or more strings:- 1) You can concat the two string through + sign

var first_name="John";
var last_name="Taylor";
document.write(first_name + last_name); //Output:- JohnTaylor
document.write(first_name +' '+last_name); //Output:- John Taylor

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2) You can concat strings through concat() keyword.

var first_name="John";
var last_name="Taylor";
document.write(first_name.concat(last_name)); //Output:- JohnTaylor

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3) Concat string through backtics

var first_name="John";
var last_name="Taylor";
document.write(`${first_name} ${last_name}`); //Output:- John Taylor

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trim() method:- this method is used to trim the white space from the string.

var name=" John ";
console.log(name.trim());  //Output:- John

split() method:- It is used to split a string into Array

var str="John went to college";
var str_arr=str.split(" ");
document.write(str_arr[0]);   // Output:- John
document.write(str_arr[1]);   // Output:- went
document.write(str_arr[2]);   // Output:- to
document.write(str_arr[3]);   // Output:- college

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join() method:- It is used convert Array into String

arr=["John", "went", "to", "college"];
arr_to_string= arr.join("-");
document.write(arr_to_string);  // Output:- John-went-to-college

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Reverse a string:-

var str="John Taylor"
let rev_string= str.split('').reverse().join('');
document.write(rev_string);  // Output:- rolyaT nhoJ

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