ngStyle Directive

In Angular, ngStyle is a directive that allows you to dynamically set inline styles for HTML elements. It’s a handy way to apply styles conditionally or based on some properties in your component class.

Here’s how you can use ngStyle in Angular:

Template Syntax:

<div [ngStyle]="{'property': 'value', 'property2': 'value2'}">...</div>

Using Component Properties:

You can also bind styles based on properties from your component class:

<div [ngStyle]="myStyles">...</div>
export class MyComponent {
  myStyles = {
    'color': 'blue',
    'font-size': '16px'

Conditional Styles:

<div [ngStyle]="{'background-color': isActive ? 'green' : 'red'}">...</div>

Object Syntax: in TypeScript file

export class MyComponent {
  fontSize = '14px';
  fontWeight = 'bold';
<div [ngStyle]="{'font-size': fontSize, 'font-weight': fontWeight}">...</div>

Using Functions:

You can also use functions to dynamically generate styles:

export class MyComponent {
  getStyles() {
    return {
      'color': this.isImportant ? 'red' : 'black',
      'font-weight': this.isImportant ? 'bold' : 'normal'
<div [ngStyle]="getStyles()">...</div>