environment variable setup in Nodejs

to setup the environment variable through dotenv module

firstly install dotenv module

npm install dotenv

Now create the .env file in the root folder of your project

in the .env file put the below code

Write the credentials


Now include the env module in your main file like server.js

const env_result =require('dotenv').config();

// Now, get the envorment credentials through

process.env.enviormentVariableName like "process.env.DB_HOST"

include the environment credentials into server.js

var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient;
var url = `mongodb://${encodeURIComponent(process.env.DB_USER)}:${encodeURIComponent(process.env.DB_PASS)}@localhost:27017/process.env.DB_NAME`;

// Connect to the db
MongoClient.connect(url, function (err, db) {
     if(err) throw err;
     console.log("Database connected");