Php Inheritance

What is Php Inheritance?

inheritance is a mechanism, we can get all property and method of one class into another class.We can access all property and method through extends keyword.

Inheritance represents the IS-A relationship, also known as parent-child relationship.
What is IS-A relationship?
Is a Relationship-page0001

In this image, Narendra Modi is a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a Son and Narendra Modi is a politician. so this is called Is a relationship.

Why use Inheritance?
(i) For Code Reusability.
(ii) For Method Overriding.

(i) The subclass inherits all of the public and protected methods from the parent class.
(ii) If a class extends another, then the parent class must be declared before the child class structure.


class childclass(or subclass) extends parentclass(or superclass)

Example of Inheritance

In this example, generalManager class inherit the property and method of Empoyees class, officeTiming() Method of generalManager class, override the method of Empoyees class.

class Empoyees {
	public function officeTiming(){
	echo 'Employee Office Timing is 10am to 7pm';

class generalManager extends Empoyees {
    public function officeTiming(){
	echo 'General Manager Office Timing is 10am to 5pm';


$gm_obj = new generalManager;
$gm_obj -> officeTiming();
Output:- General Manager Office Timing is 10am to 5pm

Type of Inheritance

There are mainly 3 types of Inheritance in Php.
(i) Single Inheritance
(ii) Multilevel Inheritance
(iii) Hierarchical Inheritance


two other inheritance used through Interface.
(iv) Multiple Inheritance
(v) Hybrid Inheritance


Why Multiple inheritance is not support Php language

Without Interface, Multiple inheritance is not support Php language.

Without Interface Multiple inheritance program

Output:- Compile time error, syntax error, unexpected ‘,’, expecting ‘{‘

Multiple inheritance By Interface
This section is explained in the Interface section.