What is Angular

Angular is a single page client application and using HTML and Typescript. Angular is a framework or platform. when we use angular for the web application then we say Framework and when used for the app through ionic etc then say platform.
Angular is an open-source front-end framework. It is basically used to creating dynamic, modern web apps. It is First introduced in 2009 and It is developed by Google. in the starting, Google launched angular-js library after that they launched Angular 2 and after that, they updated more angular version launched like Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular 8, Angular 9, Angular 10, etc.

There are lots of improvements in the Angular version but I am sharing some important information.

Angular 2:- Written entirely in typescript
Component-based instead of Controller
ES6 and typescript supported

Angular 4:- 1) Changes in core library
2) Lot of performance improvement is made to reduce size of AOT compiler generated code.
3) Animation features are separated from @angular/core to @angular/animation.
4) Else block in *ngIf introduced:

Angular 5:- Build optimiser:
Compiler Improvements
Improved in faster Compiler support:

ng serve --aot

Angular 6:- 1) Remove support for


tag and used


2) to update the package use below command

ng update packagename

Angular 7:- major release on core framework, Angular material and CLI.

Angular 8:- Added support for SASS, make more release in core framework.

Angular 9:- Smaller bundle sizes and augmented performance.
Faster testing.
Better debugging.
Improved build times, enabling AOT on by default.

Angular 10:- Angular Package Format no longer includes ESM5 or FESM5 bundles, saving download and install time when running yarn or npm install for Angular packages and libraries.
For the compiler, name spans have been added for property reads and method calls.

Angular 11:- Automatic Inlining of Fonts
Updates on Operation Byelog
Improved Reporting and Logging
Updated Language Service Preview

Angular 12:-
1) Nullish Coalescing:- The nullish coalescing operator (??) has been helping developers write cleaner code in TypeScript classes for a while now.


{{salary !== null && salary !== undefined ? salary : calculateSalary() }}


{{ salary ?? calculateSalary() }}

2) Stylish Improvements
Angular components will now support inline Sass in the styles field of the @Component decorator. Previously, Sass was only available in external resources due to the Angular compiler.
To enable this feature in your existing applications add “inlineStyleLanguage”: “scss” to angular.json

3) Running ng build now defaults to production for new v12 projects which saves teams some extra steps and helps to prevent accidental development builds in production.

Angular 13:-
1) Support for TypeScript 4.4
2) Enhancements to Angular Tests
3) 100% Ivy and No More Support for View Engine
4) Angular CLI Enhancements