What is Promise

The promise is used to handle async operation and its resulting value will be success or failure.
A Promise has basically three state
pending: initial state, neither fulfilled nor rejected.

fulfilled: meaning that the operation completed successfully.
it uses the resolve method for this

rejected: meaning that the operation failed.
it is use reject method for this.

function checkPostiveNumber (number) {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

  try { 
            throw new Error(` ${number} is not a postive number` );
        } catch(msg) {
            reject(`Error in callback ${msg}`); 

        resolve(`${number} is a positive number`)

let data=checkPostiveNumber(1);
Promise {: "1 is a postive number"}
__proto__: Promise
[[PromiseStatus]]: "resolved"
[[PromiseValue]]: "1 is a postive number"