Nodejs simple request for cucumber test cases

To write the simple request for cucumber test cases in Nodejs through the below steps

1) Firstly create a features folder in the root folder of the Nodejs project.

2) Now create the file name simple_calculation.feature extension and write the below code in this

# features/simple_calculation.feature

Feature: Simple math calculation
  I want to check the increment variable result

  Scenario: easy math calculations
    Given a variable set to 4
    When I increment the variable by 5
    Then the variable should contain 9

in the simple_calculation.feature file create Feature: feature_name after that create the Scenario: scenario_name
after that, you have to create 3 steps
Given:- It is used for request data
When:- it is used for the condition
Then:- It is used for response data

3) Now, run the test cases


Now, check the results 1 scenario and 3 steps are passed.